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Friday, February 22, 2013

Healthy Jams From Aloe Vera

Aloe vera an ornamental plant pots lot of meets in homes, Aloe vera is also easily grown in the garden or the environment around us. But apparently aloe vera plant that has many beneficial substances to cure various diseases.

Aloe vera jam

Aloe vera contains most of the leaf pulp or meat-containing lymph nodes and eyes. While the outside of the leaf in the form of quantitative berklorofil.Secara thick skin, a protein found in aloe vera role in a fairly small amount, but the qualitative protein-rich aloe vera essential amino acids, especially leucine, lysine, valine and histidine. Beside rich in essential amino acids, aloe vera gel is also rich in glutamic acid and aspartic acid. Aloe vera vitamins soluble in fat, but it also contained folic acid and kholin in small quantities.

The content of nutrients contained in the gel (meat) aloe vera is quite complete, among other things, vitamins A, B, C, E, choline, inositol, and folic acid. While the mineral content consists of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, and chromium. Combined elements of vitamins and minerals in these herbs serve as natural antioxidants such as can prevent heart attacks and premature aging to prevent DNA damage caused by free radicals. Research at Hoshi University in Japan showed that Aloe vera contains antioxidants that can eliminate free radicals caused by radiation. Additionally aloe is also used to help launch the digestive tract, difficult defecation, coughing, sore throat, diabetes mellitus increases the immune system, intestinal worms overcome and heal wounds.

Currently, it is not strange anymore when we find in the department stores were packed as aloe vera drinks, and food. In addition to processed outside the body care products, aloe vera it can be consumed by the process into food products. As nata de aloe, syrup, tea, juices, cocktails, jelly, lunkhead, cendol, and aloe vera jelly.

After knowing the various properties of aloe vera and its utilization, there is no harm if we start trying this one natural ingredient for maintaining our health and families to create their own products, both for the consumer as well as business opportunities. One is processing into jam.

Butter is a food product that viscous or semisolid made of a mixture of 45 bagain weight of fruit (chopped fruit) and 55 parts by weight of sugar. The three principal ingredients in the process of making jam or jelly is pectin, acid and sugar with a certain ratio to produce a good product.

Butter Aloe vera is an ingredient in the form of pasta that high sugar levels and is made from the flesh of aloe vera pulp. Making the material is not difficult, and the cost is not expensive. Here is a simple way to cultivate aloe vera jelly:


1. 1 kg of meat aloe vera.
2. 500 grams of sugar sand.
3. 0.1% ascorbic acid or 1 gram per liter of water or citric acid 0.2%, or 2 grams per liter.
4. 0.5% sodium benzoate or 5 grams per kg of meat aloe vera.
5. 3 grams of agar-agar powder or ½ pack.

How to Make

1. Aloe vera is clean soaked in a solution of ascorbic acid for 15 minutes, then drained and crushed using a blender.
2. The results of this destruction is heated for a moment, then added sugar, citric acid, and gelatin.
3. Heated to boiling, stirring frequently, then add the preservative benzoate.
4. If the gel has formed, the heating was stopped and the foam on the surface of the jam discarded.
5. Butter is ready to be packed in bottles.